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Local Spotlight: The Ludlow Dog Park!

Ludlow Dog ParkYou probably already know about all of the nice parks, hikes, and fields around Ludlow, but have you heard about the town's newest addition? We are so excited to share about the opening of the all-new Ludlow Dog Park at Fletcher Fields! This public dog park has amazing views of Okemo for you to enjoy while getting some exercise for your furry friend in a safe environment. 


The Ludlow Dog park is located off of Route 103, just south of the Ludlow Village, at Fletcher Fields. Featuring both small and large dog areas, this is a great addition to our town for those who want to get their dogs safely socialized. Each space is properly fenced to keep our pets enclosed to prevent any runaways. Your pet will love the fresh and lush grass to get their energy out. The space is open from sunrise to sunset, offering a great view of the sun setting behind Okemo Mountain every evening. Please note that this is an off-leash area for supervised play. You are responsible for the action and behavior of your dog(s) at all times. 

Ludlow Dog Park

Thank you to the Ludlow Rotary Club for donating $2,500 toward this project! The town will continue funding this project as there is more work to be done. Most of the fencing is up and complete for you to enjoy. For more information, donations, or doggie events, please contact Ludlow Recreation at (802) 228-2655.


Please respect your dog park. Keep it safe and clean!