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The Sweet Tooth Fix; The Ludlow Way!

You know that feeling when you get home from skiing and you are starving from a long day on the hill, but nothing seems like the right choice? You might have pretzels or delicious Vermont cheese, but they just won’t cut it because you want something sweet. Well, you have absolutely no excuse not to have EXACTLY what you want because the Okemo Valley has some of the very best sweet treat shops around! I highly recommend that after you read this, hop in the car, and try one of the local hot spots for your favorite treat.

If you are looking for an early morning treat, head to Sweet Surrender at the bottom of the Okemo Access Road. This adorable mountain bakery has the best donuts I have ever had. You can’t go wrong with their staple, the cinnamon sugar crueler, however, they also have a variety of breakfast pastries that will not disappoint. They carry Green Mountain Coffee and everything is available to dine in or take out. Don’t wait until mid-morning to get your treat because it isn’t uncommon for them to be sold out of the popular items!

Another favorite of mine is Big Eyes Bakery, located right on Main Street. This adorable café style bakery has something for everyone, whether you are looking for the best breakfast sandwich in town or something sweet. They have delicious items to-go such as Cannoli’s and Irish Soda Bread, or grab a cup of coffee and eat-in. You could also take home an entire Bailey’s Irish Crème Cake or a homemade pie. Big Eyes Bakery always has a great variety of sweet treats to choose from, so be prepared because you probably won’t be able to choose just one!

One of the local hotspots in Ludlow is Java Baba’s, also at the bottom of the Okemo Access Road. While they are typically known for their delicious sandwiches and salads, they also have a great assortment of sweet treats. Some of their staples are tiramisu and chocolate magic cubes, both of which make the perfect addition to your lunch. A personal favorite of mine are the rainbow bars; while I can’t pinpoint exactly what they are, this colorful cake-like dessert is a must try!

For a different kind of treat on a warm day, or if you are willing to brave the cold, head to the Green Mountain Sugar House for a maple creemee. This delicious maple ice cream is the essence of Vermont and should not be missed. Even though it is delicious in just a cone, my favorites are having it as a milk shake or maple sundae. 

I hope I succeeded in making your mouth water! Like I said, head into town and try out one of the shops, or all of them! 


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    Nothing Says Vermont like a SNOW DAY!

        The internet is inundated with information regarding winter storm, Harper, that is coming to New England this weekend and it looks like Vermont is going to get the best of it! On any given weather channel, the Okemo Valley is projected to get between 18 inches and 3 feet of snow before Monday. Nothing says Vermont like a snow day and we already have your whole day planned for you!

        Since the snow is supposed to start Saturday evening, that means there is bound to be EPIC powder Sunday morning. Even though it is a snow day, that doesn’t mean you should sleep in. You know the old saying, “The mountains are calling and I must go”? Well, Okemo will certainly be calling your name and you are going to want to get the first tracks of the day! If you are an experienced skier, make sure to take advantages of the woods trails because they aren’t always in prime condition. My favorite place to ski on powder days is on the South Side, playing in knee deep snow on Loose Spruce and Forest Bump. However, if you aren’t as experienced, don’t worry, every trail on Okemo will be in excellent condition on Sunday.

        We all know that powder skiing or snowboarding can take a lot out of us, so if you aren’t able to stay on the mountain all day, that’s okay. Some of the best snow day activities can be had from the comforts of your own home. So, spend the morning at Okemo and then go home to relax in the afternoon. Before you do, make sure you stop at the store and get hot chocolate and maple syrup, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

        Once you are home, get into some comfy clothes, make that hot chocolate (add some Baileys), and if you are lucky, curl up in front of your fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, find the coziest blanket you have and find the best spot on the couch. Turn on Netflix and find a movie or that TV show you have been waiting to binge watch. Spend a couple hours relaxing and warming up from your morning on the hill.

        Don’t spend too long though, because that snow is still calling your name. When is the last time you built a snowman? I am here to tell you that you are NEVER too old to play in the snow. Get on your snow gear and head outside. You can drag along your family or friends and see who can build the best snowman, or make it a team effort to make one giant snowman.

        Before you head inside, find some clean snow because you must make Maple Sugar on Snow! Recruit someone to go inside and heat up maple syrup on the stove until it reaches 235 degrees, while the other person fills a pan with hard packed snow. Once you reach the correct temperature, drizzle it over the snow and enjoy this legendary Vermont treat.

        If you are still looking for fun filled activities to do on your snow day, you should pull out those old dusty board games or card games. We know life is usually too busy to do this, so take the time to enjoy a game or two with family or friends. I will also be spending the afternoon in the hot tub because nothing is more magical than sitting in a hot tub in a snowstorm.

        What is the best thing about snowstorm Harper? Well, it falls on a holiday weekend! Which means, you get to wake up Monday morning and repeat all of your favorite snow day activities! Please share your favorite things to do in a snowstorm with us!

    What do Do in the Okemo Valley if You Don't Ski or Snowboard

    Even though we live in a mountain town, we know that not everyone enjoys skiing or snowboarding. Yes, we always push people to enjoy the gorgeous mountain of Okemo in our backyard, but do not worry, there is still plenty to do in Ludlow if you do not like winter sports!

    Ludlow is the home of many well-known restaurants with something for everyone! If you are looking for a morning or afternoon out on the town, while your friends or family are skiing, there are plenty of places to choose from. For breakfast, head into Proctorsville to Vermont Apple Pie. This adorable country kitchen serves only homemade food, including a personal favorite, the Apple Crisp Waffle. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like; apple crisp on a waffle, yum! For other breakfast choices, check out The Hatchery or Cafe at Delight. If you enjoy a morning at your home or hotel, curled up with coffee in front of the fireplace, then you could check out the several delicious lunch options that Ludlow has to offer. If you are looking for a sandwich, look no further than Java Baba’s, a popular cafe at the bottom of the Okemo Access Road. If you are craving Italian, head to Mama’s for a delicious calzone or homemade pasta, both of which will make you feel like you are in Italy. If you want a to-go option, you must try The Cookster. The Cookster offers a new menu everyday of homemade items that will make your mouth water as soon as you see them!

    While you are out, you should check out some of the little shops around town. One of my favorites is The Blue Sky Trading Post, an adorable shop with a variety of items. You can find local souvenirs or beautiful handcrafted jewelry. I promise, you won’t be able to leave empty handed. Right down the road on Depot Street, you will find the Wine & Cheese Depot, The Depot Street Gallery, and Russ Hurlburt Photography Studio & Gallery. All of these shops are unique and truly show the essence of Vermont. You should also take a ride on Route 100 North to the Green Mountain Sugar House, where you can get the best maple creemee around and take a look in their gift shop filled with Vermont products.

    If you are looking to do something active, but don’t enjoy skiing or snowboarding, there are a lot of options! You could take a yoga class at Go With the Flow, who offers classes for all levels and a variety of class types. If you want to stay on the mountain, The Jackson Gore Fitness Center also offers a variety of classes, a gym, and a pool. If you want to stick with the winter theme of being in a mountain town, the Okemo Valley Golf Course becomes a Nordic Center and offers trails for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. The trails give you some of the best views of Okemo and are always well groomed and maintained. Another option is to check out the Ice House at Jackson Gore and enjoy an afternoon or morning of ice skating.

    So, if you do not ski or snowboard, that’s okay! There is plenty for everyone to do in Ludlow. If you are looking for other ideas, do not hesitate to reach out! We are always willing to help you experience the Okemo Valley in a way that matches your likes and need!