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Okemo Valley: the Perfect Bachelor/ette Weekend Destination

Why the Okemo Valley is the Perfect Bachelor/ette Weekend Destination


1. Convenient Location: The Okemo Valley is within driving distance of major cities like Boston and New York City, making it a convenient and accessible destination for a bachelor or bachelorette weekend getaway with friends from different locations.

2. Vacation Rental Options: Okemo Valley boasts a diverse array of vacation rental options, providing accommodations for groups of all sizes. Whether you're looking for a cozy cabin in the woods, a luxurious mountain lodge, or a spacious rental home with stunning views, there is an option to fit your group's needs and preferences. Visit Open Door Vacation Rentals to view some options!

3. Proximity to Other Attractions: In addition to its own attractions, the Okemo Valley is close to other charming towns and popular destinations such as Woodstock and Manchester. This allows you to easily explore nearby communities, cultural sites, and natural wonders to enhance your weekend experience and make the most of your time in Vermont.

4. Dining Options: Whether you are looking for fine dining for your group, or more casual meals, the Okemo Valley has it all! Many restaurants and bars offer live music on the weekend. View our upcoming events page when you're making reservations!

5. Diverse Group Activities: Whether your group is looking for adventure or relaxation, Okemo Valley offers a wide range of group activities to suit every taste. Check out this menu of group-friendly options you can choose from (plus, there's so much more!)