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The Maple Creemee Hunt! 2022

One of the defining moments about becoming a “Vermonter” is understanding that a creemee is much more than your typical soft serve. We can relate to that instance of approaching an ice cream stand and seeing “maple creemee” on the menu and scratching your head. It looks like a soft serve, it smells like a soft serve, but it surely is a step above a soft serve! If you haven’t jumped on the creemee train yet, you’ve come to the right place to find some of the best creemee spots in Vermont. 


So, what is a creemee? Well after much research, it seems that the origin of the word is a bit convoluted. However, the collective understanding is that Vermont used to make their ice cream with a much higher butterfat content, thanks to our influx of cows, one may say. This left us with a much creamier and satisfying ice cream that couldn’t be replicated in the grocery store aisle. Now as for the spelling, it seems that someone down the line suggested the double e’s instead of “creamy” or “cream”, which would make sense given the origin word is “cream”, but here we are we aren’t mad about the delicious concoction. 


While you can find vanilla and chocolate creemee recipes nearly everywhere in the state these days, it’s harder to find the delicacy that is the maple creemee. It may seem simple to add some of that golden Vermont maple syrup to the ice cream, but there is more to it than that. The producer has to carefully monitor the proportion of syrup to its buttermilk made, making sure the result is not overly sweet


By this point, you probably want to know where you can get your hands on one of these sweet treats! Here is a list of some of our favorite places to grab one of these creeemees to cool off on a hot day. 


1. Green Mountain Sugar House | Ludlow, Vermont

A local favorite to the Okemo Valley, the Green Mountain Sugar is located on Lake Pauline at 820 Rte 100 N., Ludlow, VT 05149. This sugar house is family-operated with pride and tradition rooted in the local area. They have 14,000 taps which make about 5,000 to 7,000 gallons of syrup each sugaring season! Their maple syrup is absolutely scrumptious, which then gets turned into lots of treats like maple candies, maple cream, and the famous maple creemee. Stop by this summer and enjoy one by the water in their picturesque red adirondack chairs. 





2. Woodstock Scoops | Woodstock, Vermont

New to the creemee game is Woodstock Scoops, located in the quintessential Woodstock village at 20 Central Street. This adorable shop has so much personality with the cutest creemee mascot you’ve ever seen. Not only do they have the famous maple creemee for you, but they have plant-based maple ice cream as well! If you’re looking for a place to grab a creemee and enjoy a stroll through one of Vermont’s most historic and beautiful towns head to Woodstock Scoops!





3. The Hatchery | Ludlow, Vermont

You may know the Hatchery for this unmatched breakfast in the Ludlow Village, but did you know that they also serve up maple creemees for that after-dinner fix? Located at 164 Main Street, this shop sits on the corner of the only light in town, so you can’t miss it! Grab a creemee or try one of their maple creemee ice cream sandwiches to change it up! You won’t be disappointed with views of Okemo Mountain in the background and the sounds of the bustling town and winding river nearby. 









4. Silver Lake Syrups | Barnard, Vermont

This family-owned sugarhouse prides itself in its traditional maple syrup production while combining their Vermont and Austrian heritages. Located at 5613 Stage Road in Barnard, Vermont, you will find unique products like refreshing birch water, local honey, maple sugar, and birch syrup. You’ll find true maple syrup here that the grocery store stuff can’t even come close to!













5. Canteen Creeemee | Waitsfield, Vermont

A popular creemee source in Vermont, the Canteen Creemee brings you back to the good old days with retro signage and vintage vibes. Located at 5123 Main Street in Waitsfield, Vermont, this ice cream stand is the perfect quick stop to get your maple creemee fix with their walk-up counter. Try the infamous maple madness sundae with maple cotton candy on top for a real treat!



6. The Villagers | Weathersfield, Vermont

Located at Downers Corner in Weathersfield Vermont, The Villagers is a great place to stop as you are entering or leaving Ludlow! Be sure to stop by this treasured local icon and grab yourself a delicious maple creemee. This small but mighty walk-up ice cream shop is the perfect spot to go for a drive and enjoy an evening treat!


We hope you enjoy your top picks to find your next maple creemee. If you have any other suggestions of where to find this creamy gold, leave them down in the comments.


Happy Creemee Hunting!

- The Vermont Properties Team



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