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State Update: VT Trans Plow Finder

Did you know Vermont has a new live feature that allows you to find where snowplows are currently located? The VT Trans Plow Finder Map is an incredibly useful tool that is still in development, but has become quickly popular among Vermonters and visitors! On your next trip to Vermont, if there is any winter weather that calls for our trusty state plows, you can use this site to help you plan the safest route through the Green Mountains state.

On the map, you’ll be able to see where plow trucks were last reported with their exact position and direction as well. Each orange truck icon is clearly displayed and will update continuously. The blue circle trail shows the recorded path of each truck over the last 90 minutes. You can click on one of the blue dots to see the time that truck actually passed that location! This will help you identify how clear or snowy the road may be.

The map also has an interactive weather forecast feature. Simply click anywhere on the map and you’ll receive real-time temperatures, local forecasts, and detailed models. For example, if you are leaving Connecticut on a Friday evening, click on the Ludlow area for weather updates to make sure there isn’t freezing rain or heavy snow headed your way. 

Other map features include National Weather Service watches and warnings to keep you ultra prepared and in the know. The NOAA precipitation radar will give you a good idea of how much snow or rain to expect. There are county-level road condition updates as well as webcams to live views of the roads. 

Pro Tip: The VT Trans Plow Finder Map works best with modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Please note that this map is for planning purposes only and omissions may occur. You can contact VT Trans using the contact button in the top right corner. If you see trucks clustered in a single location, they are being loaded, serviced, or have changing drivers. Not all trucks are equipped with transmitters just yet, but this is a great start to making your trips safer! Click here to access the website.

To top it off, in Fall 2021, schools from around Vermont came up with names for VTrans snowplows in their local maintenance district. From creative and clever, to cute and silly, here are the new names of VTrans plows that will be serving their communities this winter - click here.

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