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Vermont Properties - We can 802-YOU!

Vermont is one of only a dozen US states left, boasting a single area code for both landlines and cell phones; this original area code was established in 1947.

Almost 70 years later these 3 simple digits have become a viral marketing brand. People who live in Vermont need no explanation and folks who are from elsewhere are usually intrigued by its meaning and simplicity... 802 is the new "ILOVEVERMONT".

With near iconic status, eight-o-two has become a mantra for the locals. With everything from tattoos and clothing to an unofficial "State song" 802 can be found most anywhere and on anything.

802 may draw its brand equity from the  aspects of Vermont with which people want to be associated: young, hip, outdoorsy, and edgy.  But for the locals, these three numbers have become an identity; giving us a feeling that we belong to something bigger than ourselves and an opportunity to display our pride for this unique and authentic state.

Come to Vermont and see what 802 inspires within you. If you decide you want to spend more time with us, call Vermont Properties and Development, we can find you a perfect home. Vermont Properties, we can 802-YOU!


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