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After the sale

soldAll of your hard work has paid off. You've sold your house!

Definitely pop the champagne cork and celebrate but there are a few things the authors of "House Selling for Dummies" recommend after the sale:

Keep copies of all paperwork related to the closing.  You may be tempted to put these in storage, especially if you are buying another property and will be moving around. If you do, be sure all this paperwork is handy for April 15th. When you file your taxes, you'll need documentation for the expenses and proceeds of the sale.

Keep proof of improvements and prior purchases. Even though the property is sold, remember that the IRS may still allow you to the cost of improvements to your home's cost basis during the time you owned the home. This can be especially useful if you have a sizable capital gain. But to use this tax provision, you need to keep receipts for everything you spent on home improvement. Consult your tax preparer or attorney for specific guidance

Choose your next home carefully and take your time. We know, once you have sold your home there may be some sense of urgency to buy another and get settled. Now is the perfect opportunity to take your time, look at a variety of areas and housing options that meet your family's needs. Who knows, you might even find something unexpected! If you need more time, rent for a while.

Think about what you need from an agent to help you buy. Can the agent who helped sell your house meet your needs when you're buying? Generally yes, but buying and selling require different skills. If moving to a new area, you may want someone familiar with the area; your trusted Realtor® can refer you to another agent.

Remember to send change-of-address notices. The Postal Service recommends you complete your change of address forms 30 days before you move.

Your Realtor can be an excellent resource even after this complex transaction has been completed.

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