Title /blog/posts/2013/03/?format=rss A blog feed. en-US Sun, 31 Mar 2013 12:36:15 -0400 What Waterfront owners should know about Bill H-223! https://www.vtprop.com/blog/posts/2013/03/31/what-waterfront-owners-should-know-about-bill-h-223/ <p style="text-align: left" align="center">&nbsp;Recently Bill H-223 was introduced to The House seeking to regulate shoreline development. This Bill, as written would require the Secretary of Natural Resources to adopt standards for the permitting of disturbances and development in lakeside and protected shoreline zones within the state.</p> <p>Among other things it would require homeowners to obtain permits for shoreline development.</p> <p>Owners of waterfront property who are considering expansion or renovations should pay close attention to this Bill.</p> <p>If it passes as written, property owners would face serious restrictions to development of their water front properties here is Vermont.</p> <p>While the intention of the Bill is to enact shoreline protection requirements to ensure clean waters for the future, opponents express some concerns that it is "overkill".</p> <p>Waterfront property owners may want to keep an eye on this Bill's progression. You can find outline of the Bill at <a href= "http://www.leg.state.vt.us/docs/2014/bills/Intro/H-223.pdf" target="_blank">http://www.leg.state.vt.us/docs/2014/bills/Intro/H-223.pdf</a>.</p> Ludlow Real Estate Okemo Real Estate Uncategorized Vermont Real Estate VT Properties News Sun, 31 Mar 2013 12:36:15 -0400 Spring Skiing and Buying https://www.vtprop.com/blog/posts/2013/03/24/spring-skiing-and-buying/ <p>March is upon us and here at Okemo Mountain that means great late season skiing and an active real estate sales market. The recent snow fall has helped keep buyers engaged in winter activities and buying ski homes.</p> <p>It is hard to believe that this time last year the ski season was already over with Okemo closing down mid-March. What a difference this year's snow fall has made.</p> <p>Okemo estimates closing day will be April 14<sup>th</sup>.&nbsp; No doubt we will continue with epic ski conditions through the rest of the season</p> <p>Meanwhile what does a bustling ski town do for the real estate market?&nbsp; There is a "perfect storm" brewing for the real estate sales. The combination of great inventory, lower list prices and historic low interest rates buyers are seeing VALUE and homes sales are active.</p> <p><a href= "https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.usmre.com/5698/blog/files/2013/03/CrossCountrySkiers.jpg"> <img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-142" alt= "Yukon Kornelius Okemo Mountain Resort" src= "https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.usmre.com/5698/blog/misc/CrossCountrySkiers-300x200.jpg" width="300" height="200" /></a></p> Buyers Okemo Real Estate Sellers Vermont Real Estate Sun, 24 Mar 2013 21:29:38 -0400 Spring real estate market very active in Ludlow Vermont https://www.vtprop.com/blog/posts/2013/03/04/spring-real-estate-market-very-active-in-ludlow-vermont/ <p>March is upon us and here at Okemo Mountain that means great late season skiing and active real estate sales market.&nbsp;&nbsp; The recent snow fall has helped keep buyers engaged and focused on Okemo and buying ski homes.</p> <p>We have been lucky here in Vermont to experience a great deal of late season snow. Okemo Mountain and the Ludlow real estate market are buzzing with activity.&nbsp; There is a "perfect storm" brewing for real estate sales. With the combination of great inventory, good prices and low interest rates home buyers are seeing the value and are realizing this is the best time to buy.</p> <p>With the late season natural snow and early Easter holiday we expect sales traffic to continue through March and early April.</p> Buyers Ludlow Real Estate Okemo Real Estate Sellers Vermont Real Estate Mon, 04 Mar 2013 00:24:16 -0500