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Say The Right Thing

The right description can get your home a second look; the wrong one can sour buyers on the property in a matter of seconds. So choose those words wisely. Photos provide a stunning visual, but you can truly capture your audience by showing them the "unseen"

1. Highlight amenities. Data fields on a listing convey the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a house, but they won't tell you the whole story. The description is the place to provide the extras that are not provided by data field info. Key details such as "heated garage" or "stunning views" should be played up in the description. Is there a picturesque vista from almost every room in the house? Does the house have direct access to the ski slopes? Say so. Give potential buyers a reason to take a closer look.

2. Be specific. Phrases such as "beautiful remodeled kitchen" are abstract; instead, point out features that prospective buyers desire. Identify granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. Mention appealing features such as pullout shelves in the kitchen cabinets or the walk-in pantry with plenty of storage.

3. Use the right adjectives. Buyers are savvy; too much fluff can be off-putting. Use descriptors sparingly and choose the words that pack the most punch. "Spacious" is a relative term but "open floor plan" is understood by everyone

4. Advertise lifestyle. Buyers are often motivated by emotion. A home, whether primary or secondary, is a place where memories will be created. Suggestions such as "Relax with a glass of wine in the hot tub" or "entertain friends in the gourmet kitchen" provide buyers with some ideas about what those memories might be. Don't forget to mention the surrounding community. Buyers are looking for a home, not just a house. Seasonal activities like golf or skiing, proximity to a lakes region or quaint village are all reasons to consider buying in a specific location.

Convey the biggest selling points of a house in the first couple of lines. Don't feel the need to point out flaws. Buyers will discover a home's quirky floor plan or tiny garage once they visit. For some it will be a deal breaker; for others, maybe not.

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