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A great deal that doesn't close is no "deal" at all.

Yes, as a seller you care about getting top dollar for your home, so offer price is the primary factor that can make or break the deal. However, as a seller you need to be aware of some other factors. The last few years of very high contract cancellation rates have put sellers on high alert, the offer may be great, but can you close? With these conditions top priority should be given to offers that have both (a) strong price and (b) a strong likelihood of closing.

Be aware of the most common deal killers:

  • Low appraisals
  • Mortgage approval failures

  • Condition problems revealed by inspections

Though some of these potential deal killers are beyond your control, as an informed seller, you can make smart decisions that can lead to a successful transaction.

Look beyond the buyer's offer; a great deal that doesn't close is no "deal" at all.

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